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Low Rider

Recumbent bike for little ones.

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Zero calories, but where’s the milk?

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Post-It Origami

At first I was going to say that there’s nary a gift better built for my husband.  But then I realized that though he’d surely fiddle with the post-its to create his own shapes, he’s not going to follow these specific directions.  Still, pretty fun for those of you who will…

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I have a little love thing with giraffes, so if I were going to mark my growth again (which is unfortunately no longer vertical, so I won’t) I would want to use this.

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Drawing Table

Forget the kids, I think I would love one of these.  (Who doesn’t like huge paper canvases?)

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Taxi Cab

You know you’ve fantasized about jumping into the kind of magic cab featured in all your favorite New York movies.  Now you can… be [cab] queen for a day.

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Learning to Puzzle

Make your own Under the Sea scene with 63 pieces of fun.

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