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Natural Vitality Natural Calm

Apparently, appropriate magnesium levels = complete calm.

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Perfect rubberized tweezers to get all the little ones.

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Missipi Distiller

No, I didn’t spell it wrong; it’s a Barcelona thing.  And this is the machine that’s going to end your abusive relationship with the manufacturer of your personal scent.  Skip the store and create your own.

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Everything a man might need in one little key-sized package.

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The Axe

Give it to him.  No, I mean this multi-tool.

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The Most Popular Leatherman Ever

For the dad+grad set.  Or, you know, the drooling husband in your life.

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Horn Knife

Every man should be prepared, and I consider it a bonus to be prepared without sporting a something shiny and red.

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Extreme Knitting

Get the tools to make DWR’s floor poufs at home.  Rachel John is the source for all your huge diameter knitting needs: giant needles and giant felted yarns.

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Heavy Duty Shears

These are the shears you could’ve found at your grandmother’s house.

No more flimsy scissors – these are the kind that’ll need sharpening and last forever.

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