Salt Pig

I love the salt pig.  Essential for every day cooks, just keep it on the stovetop, so you’re ready to go for quick seasoning.

But if this one is too on the nose on the snout for you, check out Nigella Lawson’s adorably eggy salt pig.

Little Knot Pony Holder

France Luxe’s Little Knot is an adorable classic for us girls who can’t always be bothered to make the hair-down style work.  (Available in eight other fantastic colors)



My nails have this nasty little habit of splitting – layers of keratin just peeling off the top.  It’s lovely.  But since I’m not going to stop, say, washing dishes or wrapping presents or futzing with my camera, I’m going to need another round of this stuff to fix it for me.  (I used it a few years back and it was my miracle product; I had the strongest nails… ever.)

Exact Eyelights Mascara

Rarely do I divert from my tried and true, but this Cover Girl mascara boosts your natural eye color with complimentary reflective shades to highlight your lashes and “eyelight” your eyes.  Definitely worth a try.


Popcorn Bowls

Our movie nights with apples and popcorn will be so much more put together.

Classic Feynman

Think his contemporaries said that about him with a roll of the eye?  Nah, he’s easily the most entertaining physicist ever.


Train Whistle

Maybe not the best thing for moms with migraines, but a thrill for kids.  Choooooooo!

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Good Gifts Stocking Stuffers

It’s good to remember people around the world in addition to friends and family this time of year.

For less than $15, you could protect 50 people in Africa from the River Blindness endemic; give a new baby a soft blanket to replace the old rag he might have traveled home in; or provide a malaria net big enough to protect an entire family from potentially deadly bites.


Postalco Notebook

Pressed cotton fabric cover with delicate gold logo inlay, handmade in Japan.  I think it would be lovely to use these for daily notes and keep a stylish collection of finished books on the windowsill.  Also in red and blue.

Rainbow Ballpoints

When I’m writing that monthly rent check, I need a little perking from a dandy pink pen.


Days of the Week

Same cute idea, but so much different from the ones you wore as a kid.  It’s all in the execution (read: eradication of VPL).

The Polysyllabic Spree

Who doesn’t love a spree?  Nick Hornby’s collection of all things wonderful in the essay world is nothing short of a fantastic read.


Don’t Get Too Comfortable

David Rakoff still tells the best first world problem stories.  And I’ve read them each at least three times.  Go get it, and start laughing.

Love Nuts

Your mind is in the gutter if you’re thinking these “love nuts” have to do with anything but chocolate covered almonds.  Sorry, transcendant chocolate covered almonds.


Down To Earth

Ever have that dream about the sexy farmer…?  Yeah, this calendar should do the trick to recreate that.

Green Stanley Flask

The height of manly design, perfect for carrying manly beverages and toting on manly pursuits.  Steel vacuum construction keeps your beverage’s temperature where it should be, whether it’s plain coffee or Irish.  Pocket friendly.


Whale Weekly Planner

I hope 2009 will be a whale of a year for you.  (A big one, I mean, a good one.)  This is what I’m going to use to record mine.

Vosges Mini Pack

A life can never have too much chocolate.  Especially rich, smooth, dark chocolate.  Especially when it comes packaged like this.


Egg Cozy

I have absolutely zero use for an egg cozy.  (Please tell me who [besides perhaps a chicken] does.)

But that doesn’t stop me from wanting a heather gray David sitting on my desk.  He could keep the phone cozy.  Or my water bottle.

Alpha Studs

I love these to pieces: cute little lower-case letters to adorn your lobes.  Now I’m almost wishing I still had all the ear holes I once did, so I could wear my whole name.


Chloe Apron

This apron makes me want to pull a Lucy and wear it over big, skirty dresses to cook dinner every day.  Uh, wait a sec, no it doesn’t.  But it’s still adorable for cooking-baking time, no?

Teeny Tiles

Whether you want to cover your fridge in custom art, or personalize a few tiles in the bathroom backsplash, Teeny Tiles satisfy that need for speed personalization.


SmartWool Socks

Every pair of socks in my drawer should be SmartWools, since they’re the only socks that come remotely close to keeping my icicles feet toasty between the months of November and March.

Bill Bryson’s

A Short History Of Nearly Everything.  Explanations of most everything in our world, researched and written by a guy who hated school textbooks as much as you did.


Soft Hippo

Best for the kid who’s not intimidated by much.

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Pink Bowls

Gorgeous, light pink porcelain makes these bowls perfect for holding everything from your morning cereal, to a stack of rings.  Lovely in the kitchen or the dressing room.


Felt Case

Great for glasses, jewels, pencils, and more.  Come to think of it, what wouldn’t you put in a soft felt carry-case?

A Little History of the World

Just a little one, you know?  Perfect for the history buffs in your life (or the folks who don’t have a clue); originally a children’s book, it was written to be enjoyable by adults too.  Prehistoric man through WWII are covered.


Tarte Cheek Trio

Three delicious colors to sink your cheeks into, and a gorgeous, shimmery little clutch to hold them.

2 Carat Cup

A lovely treat if she’s already wearing your ring, and a devilish one if she’s expecting it this year.  Have fun with that can of worms, there.


2009 Calendar

These letterpress posters are printed with care, one at a time at the Sycamore Street Press.  The 2009 calendar is a treat for animal-lovers, which is lucky since this is probably the only puppy you’re going to get for Christmas.

Confetti Umbrella has an umbrella for every taste, all of which are reminiscent of sunnier days.  Classically designed and made to last, the only challenge is choosing the one that’s right for you.