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Felt Trivets

My feelings on festive felt balls are well-documented (I love them)… So guess how I feel about these?

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Classic Christmas Stocking

Custom colors + choice of hand-ticked embroidery or script = I want one.  And also a mantle.  And a fireplace.

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Second-best Christmas card of 2010.

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Cinema Paradiso

Best Christmas card I’ve seen this year.

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The perfect Christmas lights.

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Frasier Fir

Hand-cut and shipped to your door readier than any tree has ever been.

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Mrs. Claus Sweater

At first glance, you can’t tell just how naughty this sweater is.

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Sweet Holiday

Holiday cards with a recipe printed conveniently on them have no expiration date.

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If, like me, you’re skipping a tree this year, this might be useful.

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Happy & Free

With a message of love for everyone, this is the most eloquent holiday card I’ve seen.  (Not just this season – Ever.)  Pass along the golden rule, in beautifully-designed, ornament-ready form.

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Red Felted Garland

I’ll admit that when I first saw this, I thought, I could totally make that. But would you like to know what I’m not going to do?  I’m not going to hand-felt 84 pieces of wool to create my own garland, in what would be an extra painful twist on the stringing of the traditional popcorn chain.  Even though the red felt could stand up to my bloody, pin-pricked fingers, I think it’ll be much nicer to just order this one here.

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Metallic Mugs

These are going to keep me in constant hot chocolates.  Not great for the waist, but think of the holiday cheer!


Snowflake Tree Skirt

Dress your tree up in your love.

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