Green Stanley Flask

The height of manly design, perfect for carrying manly beverages and toting on manly pursuits.  Steel vacuum construction keeps your beverage’s temperature where it should be, whether it’s plain coffee or Irish.  Pocket friendly.


Give the gift of personal knowledge this year.  No, not a life coach.  Genetic profiling by 23andme, Time Magazine’s Invention of the Year.

You just wait for your DNA test package to arrive, fill a tube with saliva and send it back to 23andme, and in 6-8 weeks, your genetic profile will be ready for review.  Perfect for lovable geeks, they’ll know more about their DNA than they ever dreamed.

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Vosges Mini Pack

A life can never have too much chocolate.  Especially rich, smooth, dark chocolate.  Especially when it comes packaged like this.


Gift a little bliss this year: choose anything from the mani/pedi to the queen for a day treatment, and watch her glow.

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Sailing Lessons

Offshore Sailing School offers programs in four locations.  (New Yorkers have easy access at Chelsea Piers.)  And in my dream-life, I’ll be taking the 3-day learn to sail course this summer.

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The Perfect Ice Cream

I know.  How hard is it to call ice cream perfect?  Well, now it’s even easier with eCreamery.  Order up some bespoke confections for yourself and try not to devour in one sitting.  (They make that part easy; the 1/2 gallon size comes packaged in 4 pints.)

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Monogrammed plates are a lovely way to dish up something different for the holidays.  Right now, they’re available in thirteen basic styles that can be customized in so many ways it makes my head hurt.  I love the vertical stripe and vine designs.

Tea Sampler

31 delicious, award-winning flavors to brew fresh in your Bodum tea press.

(Now through December 7, use code sampler for free shipping.)


OLPC Give One, Get One

Send a life-changing gift to a child this year.  The One Laptop Per Child Foundation is already in more than 30 countries, endeavoring to replace suffering with education in the developing world.

With this offer, your purchase sends one of these ingenious little machines to a child you don’t know, and a second one to you.

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Wax Lips

When was the last time you played with a pair of these?  (Besides that awful date.)  Put a little extra fun in your stockings this year.


Trapeze Class

Fellow New Yorkers?  I have the solution for your impossible-to-buy-for friends and relatives.  Send them flying through the air with the greatest of ease.

(Hudson River Park or W30th b/w 10th and 11th)

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Protein Bakery

The bakery offers delicious brownie treats (and more!) with 11 grams of protein packed into each tasty square.  Perfect for college students who, um, occasionally forget to eat.

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Microbrews of the Month

I gave a six-month membership to Eric last year, and all of the beers were such a level of delicious that we ordered up another six months.  And also maybe hunted down few of the stand-out beers in person.

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