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Salt and Pepper boxes

What?  Where do you keep your salt and pepper?

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Landmarc Caramels

The most holy-shit-I-never-thought-I-liked-caramels caramels in the world.  Addictive.  Oh, and by the way, WE’RE BACK.  (Sorry, it only took 5 months longer than I thought.)

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Michter’s US 1 Bourbon

From the very spot that produced General Washington’s bourbon.

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An Illustrated Guide to Cocktails

Lovely holiday gift.  Lovely benefits you’ll reap.

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Alpha Bags Wedding Collection

I love all of them.

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Happy Socks Stocking

For her or for him, how fun to pick up a holiday stocking filled with sockings.

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Rubber x-bands

I’ve always loved packaging that becomes part of the present.  What a fun (easy) way to do gift wrap!

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Air Plants

This trio of trim succulents makes for a nice summer gift.

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Flowering Oregano

Still need something for mom?  Terrain to the rescue.  And lucky for you, this bouquet won’t be gone in three days.

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Genie in a Bottle

For your loveliest perfume, the loveliest container.  This is such a perfect gift.

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Manhattan Mapnote

Make all your gifts more interesting with a mapnote tag.

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Good Karma

Bento boxes are delish for dinner, so why not for gifting?

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Hold Fast

You + You = Forever.

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Glenrothes 15 1991

Perfect gift for anyone, but it’s father’s day, so why don’t you give it to him?

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Murray’s Snack Crate

What dad doesn’t like a delicious, cheesy snack?  (Not to mention you get to avoid giving another cheesy [the other way] father’s day gift.)

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Mardi Gras Orchid

Why spend $50 on disposable flowers when you can send her a Mother’s Day treat that’ll live to see Christmas?

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Baby’s First Spoon

An adorable keepsake you can actually use – with your favorite new person’s name on it.

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Thin Mints

It’s time for Girl Scout cookies!  Go find yourself a dealer scout.

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Bee Stamp

Put some flair into your mail.  (If the bee’s a little too much flair, try a classic.)

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Cork Cuff

It’s a great bracelet for anybody, but the packaging makes it perfect for Cathy or Christine.

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Clear Mind

Let go of all that new year stress with Hope Gillerman’s Clear Mind essential oils.  Come on, I know you don’t want to clench your jaw like a steel trap forever.

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Banchet Flowers

Already thinking about Valentine’s Day?  Send one of the most creative bouquets in the city, from Banchet Flowers.  I love this orchid arrangement, but go choose your own from 14 other knock-her-socks-off designs.

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Diner’s Deck

Another awesome gift: $10 gift certificates to 52 city restaurants.  Perfect for your favorite New Yorker.

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Waiting for Lenny

Give your most beloved music fan the most interesting gift since… I don’t know, her iPod?

Sell-a-Band lets you buy shares (for as little as $10) in bands you believe in, like Waiting for Lenny (who I may have chosen because they made me think of Lenny).  You can choose from thousands of other artists, perhaps based on something other than their name’s association with The Simpsons.

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Little Flower Candy Co.

The LFCC makes the most delicious sea salt caramels I’ve ever had the pleasure of devouring.  They’re the richest, freshest, fanciest little caramel treats you could ever dream up.

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Local Harvest

Send a gift of healthy, hearty home grown foods.  Everything from basic fruits and veggies, to eggs, and fresh cut flower subscriptions are available.  Check out what your area has to offer.

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Organic Fruit Basket

I’ll admit I’m only in it for the hand-carved root basket.  Apples and pears are lovely, but no comparison to that gorgeous piece of wood.

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Good Gifts Stocking Stuffers

It’s good to remember people around the world in addition to friends and family this time of year.

For less than $15, you could protect 50 people in Africa from the River Blindness endemic; give a new baby a soft blanket to replace the old rag he might have traveled home in; or provide a malaria net big enough to protect an entire family from potentially deadly bites.


Guts and Glory

For the football fan whose obsession runs deeper than the headlining Sunday game, this is an amazing collection, selected from over ten thousand rolls of Neil Leifer’s photos from 1958-78.

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Snow Bird Box

I love this whimsical little treat.  Great for holding love letters, or a gift, or jewelry or, my personal favorite, all the assorted buttons and threads that come with your clothes, so when something rips or falls off (as it definitely eventually will), you actually have a chance of finding the thing that will fix it.  Magic!

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Chocolates for a Cause

Delicious African chocolates, full of imported goodies like fruits and spices.  Each comes attached to a Relief Beads bracelet that benefits Relief International’s women’s center in Darfur.

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Love Nuts

Your mind is in the gutter if you’re thinking these “love nuts” have to do with anything but chocolate covered almonds.  Sorry, transcendant chocolate covered almonds.