For mac users who want to pretty up their machines (and iPods and iPhones…).  I haven’t made the leap yet (why mess with perfection?) but I’ve been daydreaming about this for years.  Come to me, my pretty.

HP Mini 1000

Full disclosure: Unlike every other product on this website, I would never buy the HP Mini 1000 (because it’s not a macbook).  But that doesn’t mean I don’t love the gorgeous Vivienne Tam-designed exterior.  All you PCers should go get this adorable laptop – even though its insides still kinda suck.

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Eton Emergency Radio

The Eton is a great tool to have around the house.  It has a rechargeable battery pack for fair weather, and a hand crank generator for emergencies (that powers itself, a cell phone, an internal flashlight and emergency siren).  I’m grateful that we haven’t had to crank it yet.

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The world’s first.  Yes, it’s a small screen, but it takes less than the power of a fluorescent bulb to run it, and the picture is clearer than any television you’ve ever seen – so dense you’ll think it’s 3D.

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Flip Video

The Flip is a great camera for capturing everything from that priceless blackmail moment in the bar, to your kid’s first steps, and the pocket sized camcorder records up to 60 minutes of VGA-quality video.

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Jet Mini Alarm Clock

A sleek little design equipped with time, date, day, and temperature, you’ll be able to sort things out even after the most disorienting dreams.

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OLPC Give One, Get One

Send a life-changing gift to a child this year.  The One Laptop Per Child Foundation is already in more than 30 countries, endeavoring to replace suffering with education in the developing world.

With this offer, your purchase sends one of these ingenious little machines to a child you don’t know, and a second one to you.

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Sony Bravia

This 32″ beauty is calling out to me, asking, nay, demanding to be placed in a spot of honor in my bedroom.  (And, no, not only because Peyton Manning’s face is on its screen.)

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I used to think I was the only one who couldn’t wear Apple’s earbuds, but then I found a whole community full of misshapen ears out there.  People who love the candy: good sound, great fit (they come with size adjusters), and good price.  I also love the volume control on the wire.

Han Solo Flash Drive

Are there any female Star Wars geeks out there?  Because this guy needs a home.

Only downside?  He doesn’t look quite enough like Harrison. Still, he’s a totally adorable reminder of the real thing.


Nikon D200

A fantastic, versatile camera with the world-famous Nikon name behind it.

($600 off with the 18-135mm lens package.)

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A brilliant little feat of technology.  Eric uses it to fool his friends (and enemies); his location is always concealed.  Plus, it looks cute, too.