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Queen of Everything

Just a little bit different from the Mary Engelbreit version.

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iPhone Wallet

A spot for the essential.  Plus, cash and cards.


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Dyson Heater

As a person who goes perpetually cold once the thermometer hits 58, I need a new solution to get me through winter in an old house.

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Exovault II

…or like a piece of your trunk luggage set.


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For when you want your iPhone to look like it was designed to be a fixture in an 1890s brownstone.  (This is what happens when you google ‘how not to crack my iPhone again’.)

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Element 40″ TV

I know we’re all supposed to hate Walmart, but holy shit, when this did happen?  [For a limited time, I think] they have a FORTY INCH TELEVISION for $359.

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Nike Sportwatch

Powered by TomTom and designed deceptively not by Starck.  Love the specs and love the looks.

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Smythson iPad Case

Sorry for the absence, guys!  I’m back with a Smyth-loving vengeance.  (For as long as I can stand to type, okay?)


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Dapper Felt

The ideal iPhone case.

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If I weren’t till-death-do-us-parting it up with the iPhone, I’d be returning to T-Mobile with something pretty like this.

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It’s a book.  It’s a for on the plane.  It’s a macbook cover!

Picture 9


Okay, just one more iPhone case.  (And if you’re the type who needs to be all grown up, just look away and go back to see this gorgeous piece of accessorizing.)


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iPhone, youPhone

We allPhone for this iPhone sleeve.

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Laser Keyboard

No more thumb fatigue (because this one actually works).

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Candy Buds

For the person on your list who just won’t grow up.  That is, if you want to indulge them.

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Eric, the alarm clock expert, do you love or hate this?

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Yellow Swirl

Earbuds not for the masses.

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Discover Electronics

Playing with light and color, two of my favorite things (though if you’re getting technical I guess they’re not two separate things).

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Water Clock

The perfect gift for your green-obsessed friends.

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iPhone Dock

So you think of yourself as the outdoorsy type, but you can’t live without your media?  Check.

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Picture 20

Olympus PEN

Not that I’m going to do anything more than dream about it (as my easy-to-tote-around-the-city camera), but I’m still super-eager for this to come out.  (You could also go a little cheaper with this one.)

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Picture 12

Samsung LED TV

It seems my TV obsession always hits during football season.  Still, this is gorgeous, no?

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Picture 4


RadioWorks is my ideal sound system: pretty sight and sound.

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Picture 41

USB Cell

The brilliant little AA battery you recharge through USB.

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Nixon Headphones

For the music mom in your life.  She’ll be pretty in these pinks.

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The new iPod?  Not quite, but good for us lazy music-lovers.

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Kindle 2

The closer this thing gets to looking and feeling like an iPhone, the closer I get to thinking I could actually use it as my primary “book”.

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Driin Phone Holder

How many nights has your phone spent on the dingy carpet at the Marriott?  No more, with this genius little phone holder – plug it in, rest your phone on the shelf, and you’re done.

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Tavo Gloves

One of my favorite Christmas presents this year was the one that will keep my hands toasty the next time I’m walking through a winter wonderland and need to make a call.  I was a little surprised, but pleased to see that it actually works!

1 Password

Make it a merry day, everyday for your lovably geeky friends.  1 Password is the best of the best for easy and super-secure password storage.

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I first read Ironkey as irony, with a k, like wonky or donkey, eye-ron-key, instead of Iron Key.  But that couldn’t be less important.  What’s important is what this little wonder does.  Just pop it into your machine and relax, knowing that it’s protecting your data, passwords and online identity – on any computer, on any network.

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Wii Pinball

Forget fitness; go back to using the Wii like an old-fashioned game system: sitting on the couch using your thumbs.  Kidding aside, people love the pinball, with 10 Classic Williams tables.  I’m going to try it out and see how addicted we get.

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