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Wood Tape Dispenser

Naturally, I love washi tape.  Naturally, it’s gorgeous enough to want it displayed above your desk.  Tape is here.

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Picture 28

The Olfactionary

Absurd, but wonderful (especially to me, the Bloodhound).  Your very own perfumery with forty 2.5 ml bottles of natural essences — the very scents you find in your favorite brands.

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Picture 17

Divine Twine

I would use this for just about everything in just about every color.

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Picture 20

Glass Glitter

If you’re going to be crafty, you may as well do it well.  This glass glitter sampler has the best of the best.

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Picture 6

Bake It Pretty

Favors, decorations, gifts, candy, packaging, and baking supplies.  I’m in heaven.

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Crafty types will love these lovely labels.

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