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Bath Brush

Go spring-clean your skin!

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I’m newly obsessed with these after seeing a few at a friend’s house last weekend.  They look like real rocks, only harvested somewhere impossible to get to, maybe on a dig with Harrison Ford.  (Here, for half off.)

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Yoshii Super Soft Towels

When was the last time you saw bath towels as cute as these?  Also, the Yoshii polka dot.

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Provendi Soap Holder

Ingenius little no-soap-wasting device.  Get those hands clean, please!

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Lab Jar

It’s not creepy if you just store q-tips in there.

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Suzani Towels

If we didn’t have a public laundry bleaching issue in this house, I would happily invest in some fancy towels to brighten our mornings.

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Campbell Bathmat

So plushy!  An updated version of what my grandmothers had.

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Goldfish Tiles

Daydreaming about a bathroom tiled in circular patterns, mostly white and clear glass with the occasional fish here and there.

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