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Queen of Everything

Just a little bit different from the Mary Engelbreit version.

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Ostrich iPhone Case

Real leather, real rubber, on your real iPhone, and I really hope you don’t drop it.

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Tory Burch iPhone Case

Okay, you thought I was kidding about liking this print?  Oceanic.

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J. Crew Leather

For when your iPhone is just too silicon and not enough rawhide.

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Glitter Case

All that glitters is your iPhone.

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Beachy iPhone

I would get this, but then I’d look longingly at my phone all day.

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Picture 15

Dapper Felt

The ideal iPhone case.

Picture 16


Perfect little leather iPhone case.

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Picture 9


Okay, just one more iPhone case.¬† (And if you’re the type who needs to be all grown up, just look away and go back to see this gorgeous piece of accessorizing.)

Portela iPhone Case

I think I’m outgrowing the felt case.¬† It’s time for something elegant to cover my favorite toy.

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